Amplify development and simplify operations

From Concept to Operations, App Flow Delivers Speed, Control, and Seamless Evolution for Your Applications.

Agility from idea to production

App Flow transforms complex software environments into manageable ecosystems.
It enables teams to focus on creative tasks so they can prototype, launch and operate with ease.


Got an idea ?

Brainstorm using the App Flow canvas. A single place where you draft the first idea and later add all the required details. No need to synchronize back and forth your architecture and code.


Prototype quickly

Once your sketch is defined, you take control over the application logic. From powerful pre-built components, to the ability to add your custom logic, everything is possible. This is hybrid-code, the ability to use low-code with user code. The choice is yours.

Prebuilt components​
User defined logic​

Deploy in seconds

Deploying your app is as simple as clicking a button. It becomes available almost instantaneously. You can use canary or rolling deployments without the need of feature flags, or having to update your other systems.


Iterate and improve

App Flow offers the tools to manage the full application lifecycle. You have application versioning, instant upgrades and can work with multiple environments. Deploy your application in the test environment, incrementally improve it and publish it to production at any point in time.

Embeded flow version control​
Diff support for scripts
Rollback support

Measure and report

App Flow provides built in metric components for counters, gauges and histograms. You define your own metrics, with custom names and labels, and they are automatically published to the monitoring system. Without a single line of code. Beside user level metrics, you get access to all underlying platform metrics.


Alight technology to business needs

x3 times faster. Deploy within minutes, execute, improve.
Clarity over business and technical operations.

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