Speed up the development

Develop and validate fast

Launch new prototypes in minutes, brainstorm and explore ideas. Any idea. Bring incremental changes and instantly see the outcome.

Activate features for selected set of customers. Fully roll-out to production when ready.

Trace the critical paths, specific customers or the full flows. Share detailed information with other teams.

Quick prototyping
Fast iterations
Canary deployments
Selective tracing

Quickly respond to incidents

Reduce response times with detailed execution traces and ability to quickly change the logic

Deliver customized real-time metrics and alerts into your monitoring and collaboration channels

Provide the right information to the right people.

Have a centralized source of truth that reflects both design and runtime

Visual and structured execution traces
Customisable metrics
Single source of truth for technical and business
Integration with existing operational systems

Performance assured

App Flow can handle thousands of requests per second, and can scale to tens of thousands.

Process within milliseconds, transparent handling of errors and timeouts. So the developer can focus on the business logic.

Native metrics for the full stack: the platform, the flows, business metrics and measurements of external systems performance

High volume processing
Quality of service metrics
Performance metrics
SLA reporting

Work smarter

Bring documentation and implementation, business view and development details in one place.

Integrate in App Flow your favourite tools for development, collaboration and monitoring.

Quickly onboard new team members, hand-over the work or share relevant information with other teams

Align your teams and processes
Leverage your existing stack
Collaborate with ease