Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT

Evolve your enterprise to create processes rather than code. Focus on business agility and speed up the creation of new products and features. Lower the costs of your implementation and support.

Evolving the enterprise processes

Business processes

Leverage existing assets

Leverage your existing investment and add flexibility. App Flow can orchestrate virtually any legacy or modern system and transform silos into an ecosystem.

Modernize applications

Extend you existing platforms reach without the need to replace then. App Flow can bridge custom protocols, vendor specific APIs and SDKs and offer a visual service creation environment for your telco services.


Connect any channel

Integrate cloud or tradditional communication channels into your processes.

Create bots

Create bots and automate your customer or internal support team calls.

Implement automatic remedy

Reduce complains and automate cross-sell and remedy actions triggered from user communication channels.

API enablement

APIfy your legacy software stack

xpose legacy services as APIs, enabling easier consumption and integration into your end-to-end enterprise flows.

RPA friendly

Speed up your automation deployment. Develop the RPA core in your platform of choice, and use App Flow for integration tasks.