Internet of Things

A single place where you manage all your device events. No matter the protocol, or information structure, you can process your streams of data and orchestrate multi-vendor deployments.

Become friend with the machine

Extract value from events

Normalize event processing

There are hundreds of ways in which devices communicate. With App Flow you can create a common platform where you create the logic that fits your business needs, independent of the device language

Real-time actions

Process events in real-time, as they appear. Take decisions at the right moment, with flexible routing and event handling logic.

Automate problem resolution

Real-time alerts

Generate alerts and corrective measures in real time. Configure monitoring to react to traffic increases, edge failures or any problems in the event processing chain.

Corrective measures

Beyond alerting, implement corrective measures to automatically restore the service to the agreed SLA, or mitigate the impact of device or external system failure

Real-time observability

Device and service specific dashboards

Gain insights with fully customizable metrics and dashboards that reflect your IOT ecosystem. Create on the fly counters, gauges or histograms specific to your technology.

Platform metrics

Understand the core platform behavior with hundreds of distinct metrics and dashboards that show the performance at both technical and logical levels.