Support and customer care


Make operations simple and efficient

Get the information you need

Have a single place where you can observe business details and technical executions.

Go beyond technology and get answers to customer oriented questions. Enable self service for your internal operations teams.

Start from the customer and drill down into platforms, APIs and protocols. In a single place.

Technical or business orientated, get the reports you want. Share them across the enterprise.

End-to-end visibility
Customer centric and technology rich
Technical drill down
Reporting. For everyone

Easily resolve issues

Reduce response times with detailed execution information

Have customized real-time metrics and alerts into your monitoring and collaboration channels

Configure customer centric metrics and reporting

Have a centralized source of truth that reflects both business and technology

Visual and structured execution traces
Customisable metrics
Single source of truth for technical and business
Integration with existing operational systems

Decrease response times

Create correction playbooks, execute them and get real-time notifications.

Automate low-value tasks and enable people to focus on creative work.

Automatically create meaningful tickets in case of errors, assign them to the right team and enrich them with contextual data.

Launch correction playbooks and let the people know is solved.

Automate corrections
Free up resources
Ensure proactive support
Improve SLA

Empower your teams

Increase agent productivity with no-code workflows

Integrate your favourite collaboration tools and share incident, resolution and contextual data.

Troubleshoot with domain experts using a single platform to reduce information complexity

Align your teams and processes
Leverage your existing stack
Collaborate with ease